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C.O.T.A. was formed around 1989 by Jon and Salomeh Auchterlonie. With a focus on education, we left Lost Angeles and set course to the Bay Area in 1991 to attend C.C.A.C. and U.C. Berkeley respectively. Here we continued our work creating outdoor autonomous zones and had no interest in the commodification of such experiences. Inspired by intense outdoor and ritual experiences, C.O.T.A. is a vessel for creating trance states and ritual, combined with an interest in deep ecology and new mythology. Through sound as a transmitter, we seek to convey very intense and powerful experiences recovered during excursions into the wilds. Much of the artwork we use is a direct result of such infused states--as an attempt to convey some mythological or archetypal idea or experience. It is music for a return to the garden or a post-urban way of life.

In 1994 we self-published our first release "Terra-ist" and began perfoming material live throughout the Western U.S. on a number of small tours. In 1995, we performed as part of Ian Read's Fire and Ice here in California. C.O.T.A. published "Ta'wil" in 1997, through Charnel Music, known for Crash Worship and fine noize works, and gained acclaimed notoriety for this release as a "ritual masterpiece." Surviving the dot-com boom, we returned to Los Angeles in 2000 where we formed Sonick Sorcery. Thanks to Markus Wolff of Crash Worhip/Waldteufel infamy, we began publishing through Germany's legendary Tesco Organisation in 2002 with the release of "Marches and Meditations" and a subsequent reclaiming of "Ta'wil" again in 2004. Preview New material From C.O.T.A. as wel as The War of The Sons of Light and The Sons of Darkness on our Musick Page.

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