~ SUMMER 2010 ~

~ N E W S ~

06.23.10 NEW vitaignes corpus lignum V/A online compilation dedicated to the Summer Sun "as our position in thee north approaches thee solar zenith: at this blue ov noon; where our shadows seem to disappear: an offering ov gratitude tis extended to these purveyors ov thee dark arts for thee sonorous gifts which they graciously bestow unto us as offerings whilst thee shadows again begin to grow in thee warmth ov thee solar flames!!" Expected Average, Paintings For Animals, Testing Vault, Vivimancer/I.N.R.I. The Joy Of Nature,Teatro Grotesco, Incus, Critical Theatre, Elysium Obscura, Djynnx, Barbarossa Umtrunk , Under the Same Shadow, AC Way, Teatro Satanico , C.O.T.A, Sere, A Somber Boreal, Vilfos, Port Of The Sun, Nezzy Idy, Nature Morte, LIMBO, A Minority Of One, At The Head Of The Woods, She, Ben L. Robertson, A.:S.:., VelgeNaturlig, Kanopic Descent, An Exquisite Corpse, Kenji Siratori & takedown UAV,

With Special Guests: C.O.T.A., Night At Noon, Hands Like Ice, R.M.S., Nuit Hadit, Nezzy
Idy, Zania Morgan, Dimentia, Djynnx, DJ Megabitch, Nada, DJ Pink.Noize. , DJ D-SYN +
others TBA... Location will be approximately 3.5 hours from the SF Bay Area.Contact solstice@katabatik.org for directions and additional information http://www.katabatik.org/solstice/

NEW Manifest Destiny, various artists, TRSKL002, digipak CD
Luftwaffe, David E. Williams, The Soil of Langemark, Cult Of Youth, Valence, In Ruin , Awen, Gnomonclast , Verdandi, C.O.T.A., Eric K., H8!, Steel Hook Prostheses, deform uniform
DESCRIPTION: Triskele Recordings is proud to offer this ambitious compilation which spotlights American artists working within the dominantly European Post-Industrial, Experimental, and Neofolk fields. Each artist has worked within their own relentless vision to produce individual works of remarkable will and quality. Comprised of many exclusive tracks from established artists and newcomers alike, this American document is the first of its kind
in the genre. A new sound from the New World!

05.01.10 NEW
Select your favorite C.O.T.A. songs for purchase online at the very reasonable price of $0.99. Now available here on our Musick page, or on facebook + myspace. 95% of
all musick is stolen- please support the arts...

May 7th & 8th, Fri-Sat
/ DUNG MUMMY's NOMADIC TRANSMISSIONS OFFERINGS TO THE SUNRISE III, Jawbone Canyon, CA / 16 BANDS / 2 NIGHTS CAMPING / FREE--->Huhm Druhm, Keith & Also Anthony, Sneaky Snake, +DOG+, Deglet Noor Fakirs, Volcanosis, Grapes & Nuts, Night at Noon, Amps For Christ, The Upsidedown Face, Naked Marching Gamelan Ensemble of CalArts, Oscillator, The War of The Sons of Light and The Sons of Darkness <COTA acoustic project>, Bavab Bavab, Blipvert, and Actuary. Come out and play!

10.28.09 new mythologies.ed2

This is installment #2 in an ongoing series of photographic prints captured from some of the
same amazing wilderness that inspires much the music of C.O.T.A. This edition comes in professional 8x10 glossy format.
Each print is available direct from the artist for $15 postage
paid worldwide.

The Urck Records folks are at it again with Offerings to the
Sunrise II. Friday + Saturday, October 23rd through the 25th with 26 acts performing over two starry nights in the Mojave Desert - think T.A.Z. here, and come out for a weekend of the unconventional and unexpected. Highlights to include: C.O.T.A.,Sikhara, Night at Noon, Volcanosis, Amps for Christ, Death of the West, Hop- Frog's Drum Jester Devotional, Ain Soph Aur, and many more... This is a festival venue on B.L.M. land . If attending, it will be necessary to prepare for the environment. Bring camping essentials including: warm clothing, 2 gallons
of water per person per day <recommended>, food, and firewood <if possible>.FREE!

Special Thanks to those who participated and came out for the Stella Natura Festival. We truly appreciated the efforts of all involved to make this a memorable time for all involved. We look forward to doing again sometime. Arnica / Changes / C.O.T.A. / Fauna & Core / Halo Manash / Katabatik Metacommunicatins Platform / Lux Interna /Novemthree / Procer Venificus / Ruhr Hunter / Sere / Velnias / Voice Of Eye / Wolfskin

07.03-07.12.09 This year we decided to head out to another location here in beautiful California outside of the Sierras. This year's excursion, a 40 plus mile , 5000 ft up then down adventure into the wylds of NW California's Trinity Alps. Photos posted in our LIVE REPORTS section- Sasquatch lore galore...

A secret show under the moon is rumored to have occured the weekend of May 29-31 in a refuge in the wylds of the Southern California Desert; presented on behalf of the ingenious designers @ the Hop-Frog Kollective. Please check our LIVE REPORTS Section herein for the first official live C.O.T.A. video, captured digitally. Special thanks to Brian Traylor.

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