Highly inspired by mystic atmosphere, subtle disturbance and nightmare reflections, Scott Ferry is an artist who uses contemporary techniques as well as traditional one such as drawing to create a unique world. His current series "Charnel Ground and Sickly Playthings" is a personal mythic world wrapped in metaphors, beautiful and painful experiences, and funny innuendos. The environment and people he meets place an important role in his work, influencing the story, the reality and the mystery. Scott was born and raised in Los Angeles, growing up in the gothic and chaos orientated 80’s. He has exhibited in solo and group shows in California, Arizona, Washington, and Quebec, Canada.



Nature has always been a source of inspiration for the artist in hir quest to convey an experiece that trancends word, to a state of pure experience. Furthermore plants found in nature have provided profound inwardlookings to ourselves and our relationship to the natural world. By jumping off a cliff into the unknown the artist can find there and when successful harness the gold found within- if truly successful the listener / viewer may be lucky enough or cursed enough to share the same beautiful or terrifying experience. Surely from utterings round the first campfires to the outer reaches of audio research


[1] Planetaldol Hybryds Satyr Magnetic Lucifer Gydja Nequaquam Vacuum C.O.T.A. Master Musicians of Hop-Frog

[2] Belborn Sleighted Phaul Sikhara Xeno Volcano Sacrificial Totem Not Breathing Natural Order