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Practitioners of thee poison path revel in the pharmocognosy: providing both powers and perils.. Artists for this compilation provide sonorous explorations of psychotropic wort cunning..
Two elements that only detract slightly from this astounding document shall be dealt with here in short order; first: it is only available in mp3 format which one must elect to pay for {fair enough}.. second: it all comes as one mp3 which is nearly an hour and fourty minutes long.. Neither of those elements can detract from how irrefutably desirous of a document that Visions From The Garden is..
Planetaldol begin the compilation with warm yet ominous sensations: subtle delayed tones, breaths, clanking, ringing, synths.. The plant of association is ereriba: an undetermined species of Homalomena, which is a stout herb reported to have narcotic effects when its leaves are taken with the leaves and bark of agara.
Next Hybryds bless with the anandamide sacrament marijuana. Followers of occult ritual electronics should have little problem in recognising that Hybryds have presented a copious back catalogue of releases, and here grace us with a tale intitially in this piece of a woman overcome by the erotic philosophy of a dying man with whom she is making love who convinces her that "everything is erotic". Following this introductory tale are looming synth lines, beatific female voices, ritual tones, and the ecstatic thrall of industrial dance music.
Arizona's Satyr Masterchasm delve into the chemical substance Lysergic acid diethylamide: synthesised from lyserigc acid derived from ergot: a grain fungus that typically grows on rye. The effects of the audio for this piece are paranoid attention to minutiae of inverted sounds and animal howls evoking a primal confusion.
Magnetic Lucifer present an homage to the psychotropic effects of Morning Glory seeds. The sounds are a strange pulsasting sequence shifting in filtering dynamics with oscillating sounds forging their way through to the front, but continuing in a progression of dynamic filtering of resonances. Perchance this is a resemblance of the the ingestion of the seeds for the purposes of divination..
Gydja {Abby Helasdottir) presents a piece for Wasson's "entheogen" amanita muscaria. This fungus is said by some to be the cause of the birth of religion. It is even said amongst some that "Jesus" may have been a codeword for amanita muscaria amongst particular early christian amanita muscaria cults. The sounds are quiet reverberations stretching out with shining arcs slightly illuminating a darker cavernous space. The piece hinges upon a feeling of expansiveness kept near mute listening for the sounds of ethereality slightly piercing though to the point of touching sensation.
For their work dedicated to Psilocybin Cubensis: Nequaquam Vacuum (Noah Mickens) deliver a ritual acoustic piece utilising unique percussive elements and strange bowed metal sounds that have shrill yet beautifull effects that open even further the strange consciousness engendered by the imbibing of this fungal ally.
Children Of The Apocalypse {the folk behind Sonick Sorcery}utilise remarkable pulsating synth textures and sequences to portray that strange psychonautic space of dimethyltryptamine from which it is said to be difficult to return usefull descriptive information..
Coming from perhaps "the city of angels" The Master Musicians of Hop Frog deliver a jilted work dedicated to a vine of sud-american shamans: Ayahuasca. The vine of the soul / the vine of the dead is rendered in this work via strange twitterings and a minimal plodding beat that carries throughout the piece.
Belborn deliver a piece for the highly prevalent excitant caffeine. Along with the sounds of the sorting of coffea beans are layered in percussive sounds of an awakening of spirits which culminate into the sounds of the java being poured..
The transisition in tracks is very much immediate with Phaul delivering a strange sound collage combining popping, sawing, edgy twittering analog synth, amongst reversed tones: all manipulated in a most peculiar way to present for the second time on this compilation a piece for the sud-american "yage" vines-the vines of the spirits. .
Sikhara utilise ritual percussion and analog synth tones accompanied by indecipherable electronically processed vocal incantations to present a tribute to the soporific opiates of the poppies.
Sleighted deliver an uptempo almost drum and bass piece with wierd synth twerkery in the second tribute for this compilation dedicated to dimethyltryptamine extracted from the toad Bufo Alvarius . Not entirely strange for this southerly acclimated amphibian: the piece ends with processed banjo..
Psilisybin Cubensis is the substance which evokes the piece by Pacific Northwest black ambient project Sacrificial Totem. Suprasensorial illumination is attained through the darkened processing of many layers of blackened samples.. Sacral visions ensue from the ingestion of this living substance which thrives upon decomposition..
The blotter sheets of lysergic acid diethylamide provide strange effects to the fabric of conscious, and Xeno Volcano incite imaginal inspiration from this: eliciting a strange sonic tapestry of bizarre glimmering synth drones. Late in the piece are brought in strangely processed female vocals echoing riplets upon themselves and slowly dissipating.
Not Breathing utilise an amasing collection of analog synth tones and gongs met with what sounds to be short wave inebriated conversations in odd characture of the psychotropic effects of salvia divinorum.
For the final piece of this compilation Natural Order generate an inspiring sonic scape from field recordings of birds, streams, and sounds which encompass one as deliriously as the tropane alkaloid datura from which this piece draws it's inspiration. Attention is drawn in a very unique way to the peripheral sounds of ones environment. In these beautifull sounds of living creatures one is comforted and carried as though by these herbs associated from times past with flight

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